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"I do not write my diary. I paint it."

A secret she finally reveals.
As a teenager, Lara found that writing her diary was risky. Using words was scary. Therefore she created her own encoded alphabet to make her script hard to decipher, nearly impossible to hack by strangers, protected and secure.Soon after, she forgot what she created with words so she started experimenting with abstract drawings & forms which later on became her refuge; stories & feelings embedded in abstract and surreal images, only she could read, yet people can still relate to.

Meet Lara J.

I paint not what my eyes see, I only paint that which captures my soul.

Beautiful weird connections & sacred secrets, safe on a canvas, intending neither harm nor possessions.
For what is beauty without its freedom?"


Past & upcoming events

Hamra Spring Festival

Hamra, Makdesi Street, Lebanon
From May 02 till May 03, 2014

Byblos Summer Festival

Byblos, Lebanon
From April till June 2021

Private Exhibition

American Embassy

Bazar Dez Arts

Byblos, Lebanon
From August 07 till August 08 2021

Post colonialism & the search for Identity

Minus 2 Gallery, Beit Meri,
Lebanon, August 2021

Mariage De L'art

Centre Culturel Français - Byblos
From June 24 till June 26, 2022

Biennale Artboxexpo

Venezia, Italy
From July 1 till July 23, 2022

Artist Portfolio

Art Is Not Just A Nice View

Art is supposed to make you feel something;
It is supposed to make you stop & think.
Some other times, Art is meant to provoke you.


Poetry & Illustration



“Folding scribbles in the wind,
I hope it lands at your doorsteps or else let it find its way into forgetfulness,
while I find mine in new travels.”

-Lara J. Trad-