About Lara J. Trad


Lara J. Trad, an internationally celebrated artist, stands at the forefront of the global art scene, showcasing her exceptional talent in prestigious exhibitions across the world.

Her artistic journey has left an indelible mark in countries such as Italy, Spain, the USA, Georgia, Lebanon, Canada, and Hungary.

A pinnacle in Lara J.'s illustrious career is marked by her recent triumph, clinching The International Prize of Michelangelo, a testament to her genius and mastery in the realm of art. As a distinguished member of The Artists Union of Armenia and a valuable presence on the jury board for CamelBack Gallery in the USA, Lara actively contributes to shaping the contemporary art landscape.

Lara J. Trad is a multi-talented artist skilled in oil and digital painting, as well as photography. Her distinctive style, deeply entrenched in surrealism, not only explores the complexities of human anatomy but also extends to her captivating photography. The seamless fusion of smooth shapes and vibrant colors in her creations forms a visual symphony, connecting with audiences on a profound emotional level.

Beyond the canvas, Lara J. Trad is known for her ability to weave narratives that invite viewers to discover their unique stories within each painting. Her art transcends boundaries, inviting individuals into a world where imagination and emotion collide.

Explore the enchanting realm of Lara J. Trad's creations, where every stroke tells a story, and every masterpiece is a journey into the extraordinary.