Lara J. Trad

Lebanese artist Lara J. Trad was born on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, but her lifelong dream was to study art in Rome, the eternal city. After studying at La Sapienza - Valle Giulia, Italy's most prestigious university, she returned to Lebanon where she received her BA in Graphic Design at the American University of Technology.
Her passion for art took her in different directions, one of which was photography. Lara J. has several international awards for her work.

Lara J. aims at telling stories in her each and every painting. What first strikes the viewer in her paintings is the absence of well-defined, recognizable faces. Lara J. strongly believes that undefined faces help the viewers relate more freely to what they're looking at, therefore connect and interact, be it at the subconscious level, and from there, find themselves, looking at their very own stories, their deepest emotions.

She strongly believes that undefined faces help the viewers relate more freely to what they're looking at. Therefore, connect and interact at the emotional and subconscious levels.

Her paintings and photographs have participated in exhibitions in Lebanon, Spain, Italy, and the United States. While her abstract photography has won 2 consecutive international awards.
She Is currently located in Tbilisi, where she had her latest exhibition in one of the most prestigious museums of Georgia: The Georgian Museum of Fine Arts. Also, she is working on a new series in preparation for her solo exhibition which will also take place in Tbilisi Georgia, while participating in more international exhibitions around the world.

Oil Painting

Lara J. Trad aims at telling stories in each and every painting. What first strikes the viewer in her paintings is the absence of well defined faces, and to that, her explanation is that her initial intent is to not only show, express, or tell a story, but also experiment in what she's trying to discover.

Digital Art

Experimenting in the digital world, Lara J. Trad created many collection emitating chapters of her life and of those surrounding her. Some of these collection have been followed with poetry, eventually resulting in 3 books which are, at the meantime under preperation for world publishing.

Fine Art Photography

As in oil painting and digital artowrks, as in photography. Lara J. Trad managed to find her own way, and personal style in shooting her subjects. She specialises in multiples and long exposure as well as zooming, to which she has earned 2 International Awards.

What Do Professionals have to say about Lara J. Trad

Mrs. Zeina Sultan

Artist | Gallery Owner | Art Professor

"Ms. Trad bright artistic capabilities are obvious. She has made outstanding contributions to the field of painting and digital art. Her unique work is outstanding because it touches upon critical issues while developing her unique style. As every artist, she started in a very traditional way, and little by little her art moved to more abstraction keeping the sensuality of curves present in the human anatomy. Her colors were always saturated with a variaty of sensual hues. Her colors indicate the emotional state of her subjects and very often showing the opposite. She never dealt with the obvious and her sharp simple compositions do hide lots of stories. Throughout the years I have been following Ms Trad’s work evolution, and what was very encouraging is that, being a self tought painter, she mastered the colours, the subject and the composition in the outmost professional way."

Mrs. Aida Kassab Paraskevas

Artist | Founder of the creative and advertising Agency Mad-Madison
Former member of the IAA

"Ms. Trad approaches her art with an astute sense of objectivity & subjectivity at times. She processes constructive criticism well and is always willing to go the extra mile in order to take her work to the highest level of formal and conceptual refinement. Ms. Trad has a very methodical creative process and she develops her concepts thoughtfully. She works with precision and purpose, her skills of craftsmanship are highly developed and she has an incredibly astute attention to detail. In addition, I have been impressed by Ms. Trad’s ability to couple her attention to detail with a broader stylistic focus that allows her to consider how effectively her compositions function as a whole. Therein, Ms. Trad, a self-taught artist, creates paintings that are cohesive in form and eloquent in their communication of sophisticated concepts. All in all, Ms. Trad went from a self-taught to a professional outstanding, well rounded artist, who has found a way to balance all of the aspects of the creative process with apparent ease. She thrives off of the entire creative process both the successes and the challenges."

DR. Maroun Azouri

Director | Scenery, Costumes and Light Designer

"What is very peculiar about Ms Trad’s art is the genuinety of whatever she paint. It’s spiritual, hesoteric, and highly sentimental. She is very good in drawing anatomy and love and tenderness are a big part of her work. She is very intrigued about human communication. Her style is very pure and she always go straight to the point. She avoids decorative inputs and goes to the essential which, in the present days is very much in demand, artistically and graphically. She can switch from black and white to color with ease. Keeping the same honest approach to her subjects."